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Register Netdisco

Please register your copy of Netdisco with the development team! This optional registration serves two purposes :
  1. Helps motivate the developers. It's nice to know your work is being used and by who. The more large organizations we see are using our code, the better we feel about contributing our time.
  2. Lets the developers focus their efforts on the target audience. If we know who's using Netdisco we can cater to the majority. One draw back to the Source Forge system is that we have no idea who is downloading Netdisco and using it!
Your registration info will not be sold or used for any commercial purposes, your e-mail address will stay hidden. We will only contact you in the case of a duplicate or suspicious entries, or to follow up on your comments.

Your organization will be hidden if you choose. Please supply all fields so that we can weed out spam entries and count your vote.

Registration Form

E-Mail Address Confidential. Will not be displayed or spammed. Just used to prevent fake registrations and to follow up on comments left here.
Organization Check for Confidential (development team eyes only).
Top-Level Domain Will be marked confidential if above is checked. If only a suborganization uses Netdisco, list the appropriate sub domain.
Network Size Add up the number of routers and switches in your network.
This information is listed in Netdisco under "About"
Network Vendors Select all the vendors that you have in use in your network.
Hold down Control to select multiple vendors.
If one of your vendors is not listed, choose Other and add it to the notes box.
Favorite Feature What's your favorite feature so far.
If it isn't listed choose Other and add the feature in the note.
Least Favorite Feature What aspect of Netdisco do you not like so far?
Notes If you answered other above or have anything else to add, here's the spot.
Anti-Spam Please enter this word into the box (case-sensitive,remove white space) : el e on i c
Yes, they even spam this form w/ garbage :-/
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If you would like to update/fix your entry, simply re-enter the form and we'll delete the old entry.

If you have any feedback or questions about this registration form, please email max -at-